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Providing access to HIGH QUALITY wellness services at DISCOUNTED prices so you can LIVE NOURISHED in every aspect of life!

Nourished Community Membership &

The Nourished Network

What's Included

Just $12/month gets you access to hundreds of dollars in savings and benefits.

Exclusive Discounts

20% off all Live Nourished Services

20-30% off with our Partners

Huge discounts on wellness products

Discounts available ONLY to members

Exclusive Member's Only Content

Nourished Mindset Curriculum

Monthly Expert Talks w/ Hally

60+ At Home Workout Videos

1-1 Coaching at discounted prices


Live Community Events in Colorado Springs

Online Community Workshops

Exclusive Facebook Community

Access to coaching

Get Connected

Discounts on Wellness

We are the experts in nutrition, functional medicine and lifestyle. But we believe that Living Nourished involves a well-rounded wellness routine that encompasses mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. We also believe, we can't do this life alone. So, we created the Nourished Network & Community Membership to connect members to other practitioners and community.

The Nourished Network

Included Services (all 20-30% Off)

Counseling & Mental Health

Mold Free Coffee

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Personal Training & Physical Therapy

Chiropractic Care For Your Whole Family


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